Bead Wax

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Experience salon-perfect smoothness from the comfort of your home... with less ouch!

Bead Wax Benefits


  • Remove hair easily & with less ouch in a single pass! 🌟
  • Always gentle on skin & tough on hair
  • Perfect for sensitive skin and intimate areas
  • Remove hairs as short as 1mm
  • Wax with precision - no strips needed
  • Pliable, non-brittle, & stays flexible
  • Natural ingredients only
  • Prevents in-grown hairs



Get the best results money can buy and avoid suffering pain.

Unique, award-winning formula. No salon visit needed. DIY at home easily!

#1 Wished-For Gift Of 2020. Give the Gift of Painless Beauty!

Recommended by top beauty estheticians.

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Fast. Safe. Easy. Instant Results. Removes stubborn hairs.

No harmful chemicals - all natural. No irritation. Never tested on animals.

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How can it be painless?
Bead Wax only grabs the hair, leaving the skin in place (unlike traditional wax). That's why most people barely feel a pinch - only the hair gets pulled.

Do I get a discount if I buy more packages of wax?
Yes, the more wax you buy, the better the price. If you regularly wax, we recommend you get the largest amount of wax to save money.

Do I need paper strips to pull the wax off?
No, the wax will harden by itself and you can peel of a corner and rip it just like a band-aid.

Does this remove leg hair or is it just for small areas?
It works great on all body parts, large (back, legs, arms) and small (nose, eyebrows, lip area).

Can men use this too?
Yes, of course.

Can I use this in the genital area?
Yes, you can use it for brazilian waxing and it's much better than any other waxing methods.

How can I wax my nose hair?
You can easily do it using two cotton buds on which you apply wax.

Do I need to apply something on my skin before and after using the wax?
Aloe Vera is amazing for helping the skin heal much faster and revitalizing it. Make sure you clean your skin well so it's dry and grease-free.

Will it make my hair grow back less and less?
People who bead wax on a regular basis notice a significant decrease in their hair growth and thickness.

Bead Wax